change in diet 2022

To give a bit of an update of what's been going on over the year.

In October I started carnivore diet or as some may call it the natural human diet. at the start of the change in my diet after two years, or there abouts, of not eating well I went from 240 something pounds to 162 pounds as of the last time I weighed.

One of the biggest concerns going into this was that I would lose too much muscle Mass I am happy to report that is not the case. By and large I've lost mostly fat over the course of the year. the adipose tissue surrounding my midsection has largely disappeared. In addition to that the fat around my chest had dissipated to a appropriate level.

For those thinking that I might have done this all through exercise that would be incorrect that would be incorrect. Looking at My 24 hour fitness membership and the check in times I've worked out a total of 10 times over the last year. While I worked out comfortably I did not over exert myself. I did walk up to two miles a day on and off throughout the year.

My plans are to add additional exercise as I as I would like to see If I can expose that ever famous 6 pack many people seem to get on following this diet. I think it's just a matter of building up the muscle so the definition is that so the definition is there.

I have practice intermittent fasting throughout the year along with occasional one week to two week fast but typically no more than 24 hours. My fasting regiment typically includes drinking of water or other zero calorie beverages.

for those curious in vitamin supplementation I did include vitamin D along with Vitamin K2 as a regular supplement throughout the year.

I have been taking vitamin K2 for the last four years four years and since taking it I have not had any cavities. maybe something individuals want to look into but it's but it seems to be doing the trick as far as bone health and teeth health. I have yet to get a full scan of my arteries to see if it's helped clear any potential calcification of the arboretum.
Something I am particularly concerned about given family history.

getting back in photography

This I decided around my birthday to start getting back into photography. I purchased a medium format camera from Pentax the 645z. I shoot with it along with the Pentax K2 camera that my siblings purchased purchased for me n a previous birthday. I've been enjoying it quite a bit and look forward to experimenting and sharing with others. Hopefully at some point I get good enough that I might be able to show my work. Perhaps even sell some if I can find the right audience.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to purchase A nice large format printer to move out of the all digital space into actual physical works of Art.